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State of California Health and Human Services Agency California Department of Public Health RENEWAL CLINICAL LABORATORY PERSONNEL LICENSE/CERTIFICATE CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS Each person
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Who Needs Continuing Education Activity Summary?

Every individual who is working in clinical laboratory in the State of California including clinical laboratory scientists needs to regularly renew their license. Continuing Education Activity Summary is issued by the California Department of Public Health. However this form doesn’t implie renewal of the expired license. It is used by the licensed clinical workers as a first step to getting renewed licensed.

What is Continuing Education Activity Summary for?

This form records hours of continuing education an individual has completed to enhance their career and get their license renewed.  No person is allowed to do the job without the appropriate license. Out of dozens of such summaries Department of Public Health will randomly select individuals who will get an opportunity to take educational courses.

Is Continuing Education Activity Summary Accompanied by Other Forms?

A person who has accomplished educational courses must not provide copies of the certificate or its original unless otherwise is required by the department.

When is Continuing Education Activity Summary due?

There is no specific due date for this summary. It is completed when it is needed. However, a person must retain continuing education documents for four years. These documents must be approved under California Code of Regulations.

How Do I Fill out Continuing Education Activity Summary?

The form is brief and won’t take you long to complete it. Provide the data, program title, course number and total number of hours a person accomplished for each education program. If your current address has changed you must notify the corresponding office about it.

Where Do I Send Continuing Education Activity Summary?

Sent this summary to the laboratory field services to the address indicated on the top of the first page of the summary.

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